Peace Islands Institute and Trinity Memorial Church organized a panel to discuss and verbalize the issues about the women and poverty problems in Philadelphia.

They had six speakers with very different backgrounds to point out their opinions and solution ideas. Awareness of the problem of homelessness, especially for women in Philadelphia. How this problem affects every person living and working in the city. ? Rev. Violet Little, Roadblocks put in place by the city, which make ministry to homeless individuals more difficult. Introduce women who have first-hand experience. Sparkler, Robin, Jackie: Some of the most frustrating aspects of recovering a sense of safety and dignity.

Among speakers Sarah Erdo: The steps to finding help when one realizes they have nowhere to call home. Everyone had a chance to think more what should be done more in terms of addressing problems that our community faces. Mrs Munise Ulker from PII emphasized on the statistics of how big the problem is in Philadelphia. We also got a chance to hear the women faced homelessness and the hardship they lived. This discussion may not have solved the overwhelming poverty issues especially women face in our city but at least we wanted to be a voice for it and create a wave with a hope to lead to an answer eventually.


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