On Wednesday March 2nd, The Nazareth College’s Hickey Center hosted a Panel on” Theology of Violent Extremism and Counter Theology in Islam.” The panel was co-sponsored by the Peace Islands Institute of Rochester, Ny. The event consisted of three guest speakers, Dr. Thomas Gibson, Dr. Sharon Murphy, and Mr. Hakan Yesilova.

The event talked about the theology of Islam and the violent extremism theology. Mr. Hakan Yesilova began the program by talking about Islam. Mr. Hakan Yesilova mentioned that the word Islam means peace and submission. He also said “that killing one innocent human being in Islam, is like killing the entire humanity. Mr. Hakan Yesilova is the editor of the Fountain Magazine. Dr. Thomas Gibson talked about how violent extremists is giving a false representation of Islam and that people get a bad image of Islam because of violent extremism.

Dr. Thomas Gibson is a professor of anthropology at the University of Rochester. Afterwards, Dr. Sharon Murphy wrapped up the night by mentioning the negative influence violent extremism has on the Middle East. Dr. Murphy explained how violent extremism negatively affects the politics of the Middle East. Dr. Sharon Murphy is a professor in History and Political Science here at Nazareth College. More than 200 people attended the event. There was a great question and answer session at the end of the discussion. The main point of tonight’s outline is that violent extremism cannot be affiliated with religion. The purpose of religion is to promote peace and prosperity among people.


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Theology-of-Violent-Extremism-and-Counter-Theology-in-Islam (2)

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