Peace Islands Institute Massachusetts branch organized a panel on “Raising Kids to Embrace Diversity” on Saturday, February 7. The speakers, coming from diverse backgrounds, shared their stories and experience on raising kids in a multi-cultural environment.

Maggie Herzig of Public Conversation Project talked about her own multicultural family environment and emphasized the importance of creating opportunities for meaningful engagement and learning by considering virtues such as curiosity, compassion and wonder.

Cathy Corman, lecturer of American Studies at UMASS Boston made important remarks about the fear of communities about the loss of tradition or loss of status when their kids are faced with other traditions. Mingi Bodine, an accent trainer at SoundsRight Accent Training shared her own story and made important remarks on language barrier.

Ebru Erginbas, editor and translator, shared her experience during her time as a teacher about the adaptation of kids to school environment.
The talks were followed by a question and answer session. The attendees were happy to have the opportunity to hear about the rich and colorful stories of other parents and educators on such an essential topic.


Raising-Kids-to-Embrace-Diversity (1)

Raising-Kids-to-Embrace-Diversity (1)

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