Peace Islands Institute Syracuse Chapter and Wood Hath Hope organized a Roundtable Discussion on “Quran and Bible Study-Nature of Revelation”.

Dr. Tony Bartlett, Theologian and the founder of Wood Hath Hope Bible Study Community, participated in the event with his community members and he initiated the conversation by giving the understanding of the revelation in Bible with his wife Linda Bartlett. Mrs. Bartlett mentioned that Jesus is holding a mirror to humanity through Bible and it is the story of mankind.

Dr. Aaron Spevack, Professor of Islamic Studies at Colgate University, guided the roundtable discussion by explaining the terminology of “Vahiy” and “Ilham” in the Islamic tradition and how Quran was written. Other members of the both communities joined the conversation while they were enjoying a delicious dinner.

Everybody mentioned that they learned a lot from the conversation and they agreed to get together on June for another topic.