On Friday October 2nd Peace Islands Institute Pennsylvania visited the Lutheran House Settlement at the Jane Addams Place. The Jane Addams Place is a comprehensive emergency homeless shelter in Philadelphia for up to 29 mothers with children.

PII collaborated with the Turkish Cultural Center Pennsylvania and Embrace Relief for the “Meat and Greet” initiative to share the bounties and blessings of the Eid al-Adha holiday Muslims celebrate around the world in commemoration of Abraham’s submission to God. The purpose of this initiative was to share a meal with the community and its members while at the same time coming together on shared values in commemoration of a universally celebrated holiday that celebrates the concepts of redemption, love, and perseverance.

The day was full of hope and appreciation as both the volunteers and families seeking haven at the shelter felt an overwhelming sense of joy and unity. Peace Islands Institute, the Turkish Cultural Center, and Embrace Relief thank Lutheran House Settlement for allowing them the opportunity to share their family with this and look forward to working together in the future.


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