November 11, 2019

Peace Talk with Author Jon Pahl

On Nov. 11th, Peace Islands Institute held two Peace Talk events with the author, Dr. Jon Pahl. The first event took place during the afternoon at Seton Hall University, while the second session was held at Ant Bookstore & Cafe in Clifton, NJ. 

About Author:

Dr. Jon Pahl is a historian of American religions and the history of Christianity, a public theologian, and an award-winning teacher, musician, and community activist. Dr. Pahl has spoken at various universities and academic venues all around the globe, as well as his work as a youth minister, lay preacher, administrator, Board member, and teacher in many diverse congregations and agency settings.

He recently published a book named “Fethullah Gulen: A life of Hizmet” where we discover wisdom and controversy, from 1940’s Turkey to the U.S. in the twenty-first century. Dr. Pahl, a strong believer of religions as catalysts for peace, crafts through the story of Gulen and the Hizmet Movement an introduction to Islam for non-Muslim readers, for the questions he brings to Gulen’s life story are also the questions others bring to Islam more broadly.