Philadelphia (Feb. 2nd, 2015) – The Peace Islands Institute met with Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter at Philadelphia City Hall. The meeting was to honor Mayor Nutter in person for receiving PII’s Legacy Award for his outstanding leadership in establishing comprehensive strategies and taking initiative to prevent violence in Philadelphia through various programs. The outcomes from his efforts will no doubt leave a legacy to be forever remembered within the history of our great City of Philadelphia.

PII honored Mayor Nutter at its 10th Annual Friendship Dinner & Award Ceremony, which the Mayor could not attend due to a last second schedule need. Mayor Nutter has spoken about the need for people to come together, from different walks of life, and different groups, to combat the societal problems that lead to violence. He also sees the great need for folks to understand, and know one another, in order to prevent misconceptions and misinformation.

In this meeting, Mayor Nutter thanked PII for its efforts in the city of Philadelphia, and discussed ways that PII could continue to be involved in carrying out efforts to bring unity, education, welfare, and progress for the folks that live in the region. Mayor Nutter also pointed out how he symbolically placed his award from PII on a mantle, directly under pictures of his visit with Pope Francis, in honor and remembrance of the work of PII’s Center for Interfaith Affairs.

The Peace Islands Institute has agreed with Mayor Nutter to continue to make connections with like-minded groups in the city, and to work together with his office, and strive to carry out shared initiatives that benefit the people of Philadelphia, and the region.