Center for Interfaith Affairs, Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Hall (Friday, June 19th) – On Friday, June 19th 2015, Philadelphians had the opportunity to experience the Interfaith Ramadan Festival. The event organized by Peace Islands Institute’s Center for Interfaith Affairs, Turkish Cultural Center of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs, Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives, along with other participating organizations, took place in Philadelphia City Hall Center Courtyard to honor the beginning of Ramadan, a holy month of the Islamic calendar, when Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset.

The program of this free festival, included live Turkish folk music, short talks on fasting by representatives of the Abrahamic religions (names of the speakers), cultural arts and crafts exhibits, popcorn, cotton candy and Turkish coffee. A free and delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Dinner, containing vegetarian selections, was served after the sunset to all who came. At least 200 people visited the event, which makes the Interfaith Ramadan Festival not only the largest open to public Ramadan event in Philadelphia, but also a unique celebration of interreligious and intercultural dialogue in the diverse Philadelphian community.
Peace Islands Institute (PII) is a non-profit organization that aspires to bring together different points of view. The central philosophy of PII is to unite voices using the spirit of mutual respect and acceptance. PII organizes many events, such as; national and international conferences, luncheons, panels, award ceremonies, community programs, and international trips. Together with Turkish Cultural Center of Pennsylvania, PII has been organizing events celebrating Ramadan since 2011.