PII Upstate NY, held an iftar dinner with the support of Geneseo Interfaith Service Project (GISP) at the Interfaith Center of State University of New York Geneseo. Local communities, youth groups, college faculty and neighbors in the Geneseo village and town were among the attendants.

Kathleen Jones, the President of Interfaith Center at Geneseo, emphasized Ramadan Iftar is such a great gathering that brings together people from diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds to collectively serve their communities.

Bulent Ozdemir, the Executive Director of PII, said that this iftar dinner is a chance to fix misunderstanding about each others, an opportunity to share our values and serve the community at best.

Dr. Ahmet Celenli, muslim chaplain at University of Rochester, spoke that the holy month is blessing for everybody to share what the Creator bestowed the humanity.

At the dinner, the holy call (adhan) to prayer was recited by Dr. Celenli. Ecumenical prayers followed it before fasting the break. Reverend from a local church (Saint Michael`s Church) wished blessings for all mankinds with peace.

Prophet Abraham was remembered as a shared ancestor among Abrahamic religions. Dr Celenli cited “O God, bless Muhammad and Abraham, the Household of Muhammad and Abraham. You are verily worthy of all praise and full of all glory.”

In the event, traditional mystic reed flute ney was performed by Seyit Sirin. Guests expressed their comments on the topic of ` what things are common among us?` after the dinner. Among many appreciative comments.

In the spring of 2011, The White House invited college campuses across the nation to participate to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to collectively serve their communities and ultimately humanity. This event is an example of such efforts to solve misunderstanding and social problems in USA and the world at large.

June 26, 2015

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