On April 10, 2016, PII Center for Interfaith representatives and volunteers joined the First Reformed Church of Little Falls for a Friendship Gathering in efforts to form bridges between the different communities in the neighborhood. The members of the congregation got to know more about the Peace Islands Institute after watching the video presentation on the works of the organization.

PII volunteers attended the Sunday Worship of the Church and stayed for Coffee/Fellowship hour to chat and socialize with congregation members.

The First Reformed Church of Little falls was formed in 1823 as a mission of the Congregation of Fairfield, which is presently called Fairfield Reformed Church. In 1912, the congregation voted to change the name to First Reformed Church if Little Falls.

We thank the congregation and clergy for being welcoming and opening their doors.

Friendship-Gathering-at-First-Reformed-Church-of-Little-Falls (1)

Friendship-Gathering-at-First-Reformed-Church-of-Little-Falls (2)

Friendship-Gathering-at-First-Reformed-Church-of-Little-Falls (3)