PII Upstate NY in Rochester organized a Fountain Talk Series on the topic of “Combatting Extremism Cancer” with the partnership of SUNY Geneso, and Fountain Magazine on March 2nd at the State University of New York in Geneseo.,” Talk was given by Hakan Yesilova, chief editor of Fountain Magazine.

Programs are Inspired from the lead article of The Fountain November-December 2015 issue with the same title, programs are to denounce terrorism and to correct false associations of violence with religion. We believe, religions are not only for individual tranquility and spiritual joy, but also for social order and global peace.

Communities across the United States and around the World have been suffering from extremist views resorting to violence for many years. Extremism is usually fueled by some inflammatory and hateful rhetoric from mainstream figures in the Society.

Mr. Yesilova explained how to Create space for sincere faith. He said that religion – or faith – has always been a reality of the human condition, whether we take that belief as divine truth or a product of our mind. Violence, likewise, dates to the dawn of human existence. But is it fair when we associate the two? Is it fair to claim religion causes violence? Do those who say religion is “the mother of all evils” have a point? And does the existence of ISIS point to Islam as a specifically violent religion? For us to reach an accurate understanding of the complex relationship between faith and violence, it is important to delineate whether religion – especially Islam, given the current circumstances – is practiced as it is meant to be, or has had its true nature distorted.

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