Jan. 22nd – The Peace Islands Institute attended a meeting for President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative at city hall in Philadelphia. Mayor Nutter has vowed to strongly support this program; and PII, along with many other NGOs, are involved in collaborations to bring about the desired outcomes and milestones of this initiative.

The mayors of many cities across the United States have accepted the President’s challenge for this program. As part of cities implementing this program, there will be a perpetual series of community sessions, or summits, as well as complete policy reviews.

The event went forward as follows:

•Remarks (Everett Gillison, Chief of Staff to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Public Safety)

•Interactive Workshop around each of the MBK Milestones

•Goal 1: Ensure all children enter school cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally ready

•Goal 2: Ensure all children read at grade level by 3rd grade

•Goal 3: Ensure all youth graduate from high school

•Goal 4: Ensure all youth complete post-secondary education or training

•Goal 5: Ensure all youth out-of-school are employed

•Goal 6: Ensure all youth remain safe from violent crime

PII looks forward to being apart of the crucial initiative.