Peace Islands Institute, in collaboration with Wood Hath Hope and Turkish Cultural Center-Syracuse held the Abraham’s Table panel on ‘Migrations in Religion’. Three panelists, each representing one of the three Abrahamic Religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) continued to analyze the theme in search for answers to some of the key questions taken up during the panel.

The event was held at Bethany House in South Syracuse. Participants enjoyed some homemade refreshments first, and then attended the panel.

Rabbi Pepperstone stone from Beth Sholom Congregation, approached the issue from the Judaic perspective. In his remarks, he emphasized that migration to or from the promised land is one of the main focus of the Judaism. That is why, he stressed, Jews, Christians and Muslims have a common path of migrations for interfaith dialog
Dr. Anthony Bartlett, founder of Wood Hath Hope Bible Study Community, analyzed the topic from the perspective of Christianity. Dr. Bartlett began his remarks by mentioning that migration is going from violence to peace which is represented by the message of Jesus (pbuh).

The Muslim point of view was offered by Imam Ibrahim Sayar from Peace Islands Institute. Imam Sayar pointed out that we needed to refer to the main sources of Islam, the Quran, hadith and sunnah, in order to understand Islam’s view. He noted that all the prophets and their followers in the history had to leave their land due to oppression. He mentioned about the Medina treaty signed by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Jewish tribes which is the first constitution established between religious communities,
A vibrant question and answer session followed the panel discussion.

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