November 7, 2019

Abraham’s Table: A Community Interfaith Gathering

Peace Islands Institute collaborated with Crane’s Mill Continuing Care Retirement Community, Lacordaire Academy, and Congregation Agudath Israel in organizing the first Abraham’s Table session for the year which was held in the main conference hall of Crane’s Mill Retirement Community. Members from each organization came together on Nov. 7th for our community interfaith gathering. The topic of the session was on “The Sacred Community of Welcoming” which was discussed and interacted on within smaller groups.

Specific texts about a welcoming community from both the Bible and the Quran were compared. People at their tables talked about their own experiences and what a community that is welcoming to others means to them. Towards the end of the program, everyone was given either a drawing of an eye or a hand and was told to color it according to what they had learned from this Abraham’s Table and to write a quote that stood out to them. At the end of the program, members got to know one another and it helped in building a friendship and dialogue that will be longlasting.