January 28th the Peace Islands Institute hosted its first Abraham’s Table at new their new facility in Hasbrouck Heights.

The theme for this month’s Abraham’s Table was “Afterlife”. Speakers; Rabbi Paul Jacobson from Temple Avodat Sholam, Rev Jeff Markay from Chatham United Methodist Church and Sam Tunagur a PII representative all spoke from their own perspectives from their respected faiths.

Rabbi Jacobson spoke about one of his teachings where all of our deeds will be written down in a book and be presented to us at the end of our lives Rev Jeff Markay mentioned that the afterlife might not be as important as this life we live now. He mentioned that God put us here on this Earth so we may treat each other as equals.

Sam Tunagur spoke about the similarities between our religions on afterlife. He mentioned how Rabbi Jacobson basically went over how a Muslim would view life after death in terms of its physical aspects.

Following the discussion there was a brief Q&A.

We thank all three of our speakers for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak at this program where bridges are built.


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