On Thursday April 23rd, PII Pennsylvania hosted its 2nd Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner and Awards in Philadelphia. This event is held to honor those who are in or in support of law enforcement whom have demonstrated service to the citizens of Philadelphia with the goal of improving local communities.

This year’s theme was “Building bridges between the community and law enforcement.” The keynote speaker was Mr. Zane David Memeger, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. PII honored the following with awards: Richard J. Ross Jr., 1st Deputy Police Commissioner for the City of Philadelphia, Sam Rabadi, SAC – Philadelphia Field Division, Bureau of ATF and Explosives, Ms. Amy L. Kurland, Esq., Inspector General for the City of Philadelphia, Mr. Robert A. Zauzmer, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania / Chief of Appeals, and Kevin J. Bethel, Deputy Police Commissioner for the City of Philadelphia. A special appreciation award was also given to the Master of Ceremonies, Philadelphia Police Detective Jose Valdes for his unphased commitment in support of PII to make this event a success.

The event began with a warm welcome speech by the M.C., Detective Jose Valdes, followed by a short introduction video of PII, and a heart-filled ceremony by the Philadelphia Police Explorers Honor Guard and the singing of the American National Anthem.

Following dinner with live music, U.S.A. Zane Memeger addressed the full-house audience with his keynote speech, by starting out with greetings to those in attendance representing different facets of law enforcement and by recognizing and congratulating those who are to be honored with awards. Using examples of the harsh reality of how his personal experiences of being the victim of prejudice while growing up, Mr. Memeger could not emphasize enough the understanding and tolerance diverse communities must have with each other and how important it is for the positive partnership with the law enforcement community. He described programs initiated by his office to support this.

Awards were then presented to the recipients, each introduced and handed out by Mr. Michael Resnick, Dir. of Public Safety, to 1st DC Ross, U.S. Attorney Zane Memeger to SAC Rabadi, ASAC Janelle Miller to Inspector General Kurland (accepted by First Deputy Kathleen McAfee, in absence of Ms. Kurland), and Exec. Assistant U.S. Attorney Rob Reed to U.S.A., Chief of Appeals Zauzmer and DC Bethel. A surprise announcement was made by PII to recognize Detective Valdes with an award as well.

The evening concluded with a group photo with the award recipients, dignitaries, support staff and PII members.


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