Interfaith Conference on Sacred Texts

On Wednesday February 8th, Sacred Heart University and Peace Islands Institute of CT hosted Interfaith Conference with the theme “Sacred Texts that Unite and Divide” from the perspective of the three Aabrahamic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. After a brief introduction by Dr. Michelle Loris, Associate Dean of College of..

Annual Friendship Dinner and Award Ceremony

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – This award is a call to increase my work in human rights, said Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro receiving the Statesperson of the year award. “Your goals,” said DeLauro, “ are my goals regarding human rights.” DeLauro received the award from Peace Islands for her work advocating for..

Third Annual Interfaith Conference: Sacred Texts that Unite and Divide

On Tuesday, February 16th, Sacred Heart University hosted the Third Annual Interfaith Conference with the theme of “Sacred Texts that Unite and Divide” from Jewish, Christian and Muslim perspectives. The panel was organized with the collaboration of Peace Islands Institute, Connecticut, Congregation Mishkan Israel, Respect Graduate School, and Fountain Magazine...

Homeless Lunch at New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, Connecticut – The volunteers from Peace Islands Institute (PII) and Turkish Cultural Center (TCC) at Connecticut joined to the Sunday Homeless Lunch tradition of the Trinity Church on the New Haven Green, which is celebrating its 200th year in these days. The event took place at the New..

PII Youth Group Organized a Toy Drive

Peace Islands Institutions Youth group organized a toy drive for the holidays. Peace Islands Institution Youth Vice President Celine Kilic, made boxes for the community to donate new toys. The boxes where located at Quinnipiac University, a local gym, and Yale. PIIY collected over 100 toys. The toys included cars,..

Interfaith Discussion on The Current Refugee Crisis

NEW HAVEN, Conn.- The audience was eager to hear the panelists talk about the current issue of refugees. On Nov. 19, 2015 Peace Island Institute hosted an interfaith discussion on the current refugee crisis. The event started with a light dinner, and then followed to the moderator, June-Ann Greeley, an..

Friendship Gathering

On Monday, November 16th, Peace Islands Institute held a Friendship Gathering featuring ‘Love is A Verb’ documentary screening in New Haven. The program started with an evening meal. Attendees from various backgrounds united under one common thing: to build bridges of peace. With special emphasis on Thanksgiving as central theme..

The 2nd Sisters in Spirit Gathering

On Thursday, November 5th, Peace Islands Institute’s Sisters in Spirit group held its’ second gathering in New Haven. The discussion topic of the evening was ‘Items that represent individual spirituality and/or faith’. Women who identified themselves as followers of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Pantheism beliefs were among the attendees. After..

PII Youth Organized a Bake Sale to benefit Syrian Refugees

Peace Islands Institute Youth President, Hatice Bolat held a bake sale at UCONN Waterbury for the PII Youth Refugee Project. Bolat who is also a UCONN freshman organized the fundraiser on Friday, Nov. 4. The bake sale consisted of brownies, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops. PII Youth members were able..

“Love is A Verb” Screenings

In September, the documentary, ‘Love is A Verb’ met with students and professors at both Sacred Heart and Quinnipiac universities. The film, documenting people living in the idea of love as a verb through their work in “Hizmet” meaning Service, a social movement inspired by Peace Islands Institute’s Honorary President,..

Violent Extremism in the Name of Religion

On Thursday, September 22, Peace Islands Institute Connecticut hosted a lecture titled “Violent Extremism in the Name of Religion” by Dr. Hasan Tahsin Arslan from Pace University. Dr. Arslan began his lecture with an overview of the history of terrorism since the 1970s that emerged with Greek anarchist groups, “Post..

The first of Sisters in Spirit Interfaith Iftar Dinner

The first of Sisters in Spirit Interfaith Iftar Dinner, one of the most recent event series organized by Peace Islands Institute Connecticut, took place on Wednesday, January 8th at the Peace Islands Institute Connecticut office. Guests, from different backgrounds, shared bread and ideas following a brief introduction to Ramadan. Attendees..

Diversity in Education

On April 22, 2015, the Connecticut Office of Peace Islands Institute (PII) organized “Diversity in Education” event. The speaker was Michelle Nearon, Assistant Dean at Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Director of the Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity at Yale University. Faculty members and students from Yale..

Muslim Voices Against Extremism

On Tuesday April 21,2015 Peace Islands sponsored a panel at Quinnipiac University titled, Muslim Voices Against Extremism. The Distinguished speakers were Dr. Timur Yuskaev, and Mr. Neset Ulusal. The room was filled with images from the 16th century, signifying the birth of Prophet Muhammed, which was on the 20th of..

5th Annual Friendship Dinner and Award Ceremony

The 5th Annual Friendship Dinner and Award Ceremony organized by the Connecticut branch of Peace Islands Institute (PII) was held at Hartford Marriott Downtown Hotel on Thursday, March 26th, 2015. The theme of this year’s dinner was “Global Perspectives on Environmental Awareness: Challenges and Opportunities.” Jeevan Vittal, from Fox CT..

Interfaith Conference at Sacred Heart University

On Wednesday, February 11,2015, Peace Islands Institution held its second Interfaith Conference at Sacred Heart University. This event was sponsored by Sacred Heart University, The Fountain Magazine, and Peace Islands Institute. The title of the conference was “When Beauty Whispers to the Heart”. The discussed had two session the first..

Economic Future of Sub-Saharan Africa

On February 3rd, 2015, Peace Islands Institute, Connecticut branch hosted a lecture on “Economic Future of Sub-Saharan Africa” by Prof. Nelson U. Alino from Quinnipiac University. Prof. Alino started his speech with the common stereotypes in our minds when it comes to Africa. He continued saying that in 2015, “poverty”..