PII Advisory Board Meeting, Philadelphia


Philadelphia (Saturday, Feb. 28th, 2015) – Peace Islands Institute held its regular Advisory Board Meeting at the PII office. Advisory Board members reviewed PII’s programs from the Autumn and Winter of 2014, and discussed the benefits of the programs, as well as how they could be improved. Advisory Board members also advised PII as to what steps can be taken to follow up on some of the programs that were held, such as making reports, or expounding on some of the themes that were highlighted.

Some of the themes that the board advised on, and PII will be carrying out for 2015 are education and subjects within, such as STEM, Global, and education access, the Annual Awards Ceremony and Friendship Dinner, the Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner, and the on-going Philadelphia 2020 Conference, that will continue to look at Philadelphia’s strengths and needs, and talk about and plan on them for 2020.