MOIMA 2015 Work Plan – Stakeholders Meeting


Philadelphia (Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015) – The Peace Islands Institute attended the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs stakeholders meeting. PII is a stakeholder in the MOIMA office, and coordinates many activities with it. MOIMA gathered organizations together to discuss their work plan for the 2015. This involves many non-profit groups, like PII and others, who discuss events and agendas for 2015, and how to coordinate these with MOIMA.

The stakeholders were given the opportunity to advise and plan upcoming activities, and to talk about how to carry on the activities of MOIMA in the future, through new Mayors’ administrations. There were also talks on how to make MOIMA’s office more connected to the community, and more available for access by those who need its services.

The event was also a good opportunity to network between Philadelphia regional organizations. Through MOIMA, groups and individuals with shared goals can coordinate and help one another.