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UN Interfaith...

United Nations Delegates Dining Room | 15 June 2016 The first Iftar Dinner of 2016 was given at the United Nations by Peace Islands Institute and the Journalists & Writers Foundation. The Iftar dinner gathered members of different faith communities to give a message of peace, harmony, and solidarity to the whole world. Despite conflicts […]


Balkans Panel 3...

Balkans Panel 3: The Diversity in the Balkans The Promotion of Culture of Peace After suffering years of war, Balkans is now the target of international efforts to reconstruct and democratize culturally divided societies. The global community’s strategy is focused on NGOs, media and youth in building peaceful and cohesive societies in the Balkans. In […]



14th International Festival of Language and Culture Colors of the World United Nations ECOSOC Chamber | 29 April 2016 Giving a voice to young people, encouraging the youth to promote the different cultures and world languages to build a sustainable peace is indispensable to achieve the sustainable development globally. As the leaders of tomorrow, the […]


The Perceptions...

AMBASSADORS SERIES 2016 The Perceptions of the SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS in Europe and the Unite States [March 23, 2016, New York] The Syrian refugee crisis has had effects that go beyond the Middle East and become a global issue that can only be solved through international cooperation among countries. Peace Islands Institute’s Ambassadors Series 2016: “The […]


Women`s Social...

Commission on the Status of Women | 60th Session | Side-Event Women`s Social Lives and Changing Values in the Middle East: Beyond the Framework of Religion, Culture and Tradition On the occasion of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW60) Peace Islands Institute and Nittokai Turkey Japan Cultural Dialog Society organized a side-event entitled […]


Empowerment of...

Commission on the Status of Women | 60th Session | Side-Event Empowerment of Women in Decision-Making Positions – She4All On the occasion of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 60), Peace Islands Institute, the Journalists and Writers Foundation, Eringerfeld Educational Institution, and the Friede Dialogue Institute organized a side-event entitled “Empowerment of women […]