Peace Islands Institute Connecticu​t Events 


On Monday, November 16th, Peace Islands Institute held a Friendship Gathering featuring ‘Love is A Verb’ documentary screening in New Haven. The program started with an evening meal. Attendees from various backgrounds united under one common thing: to build bridges of peace. With special emphasis on Thanksgiving as central theme of the gathering, attendees had […]


The 2nd Sisters...

On Thursday, November 5th, Peace Islands Institute’s Sisters in Spirit group held its’ second gathering in New Haven. The discussion topic of the evening was ‘Items that represent individual spirituality and/or faith’. Women who identified themselves as followers of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Pantheism beliefs were among the attendees. After a brief opening and dinner, […]


PII Youth...

Peace Islands Institute Youth President, Hatice Bolat held a bake sale at UCONN Waterbury for the PII Youth Refugee Project. Bolat who is also a UCONN freshman organized the fundraiser on Friday, Nov. 4. The bake sale consisted of brownies, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops. PII Youth members were able to earn $250 from the […]


“Love is A...

In September, the documentary, ‘Love is A Verb’ met with students and professors at both Sacred Heart and Quinnipiac universities. The film, documenting people living in the idea of love as a verb through their work in “Hizmet” meaning Service, a social movement inspired by Peace Islands Institute’s Honorary President, Mr. Fethullah Gulen. The audience […]



On Thursday, September 22, Peace Islands Institute Connecticut hosted a lecture titled “Violent Extremism in the Name of Religion” by Dr. Hasan Tahsin Arslan from Pace University. Dr. Arslan began his lecture with an overview of the history of terrorism since the 1970s that emerged with Greek anarchist groups, “Post Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, […]


The first of...

The first of Sisters in Spirit Interfaith Iftar Dinner, one of the most recent event series organized by Peace Islands Institute Connecticut, took place on Wednesday, January 8th at the Peace Islands Institute Connecticut office. Guests, from different backgrounds, shared bread and ideas following a brief introduction to Ramadan. Attendees expressed that these events were […]