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Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: What is the Peace Islands institute (PII)?

A: Peace Islands Institute (PII) is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization aspires to facilitate a forum of mutual respect and collaboration, both welcoming and accepting varied viewpoints and voices with the intent to develop original and alternative perspectives on vital issues that our society is facing, generate solutions to these issues, support successful practices, thus promoting education, friendship and harmony and acting as an island of peace for all peoples in a society of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Q: What are the centers under PII?

A: There are five centers under PII: Center for global affairs, social affairs, media, education and interfaith affairs.

Q: What is the mission of Center for Global Affairs at PII?

A: Envisions a future in which people work together to bring solutions to common global problems of humanity like climate change, ecology, conflict areas, environmental issues, global economy and human trafficking. Center for Global Affairs (CGA) organize panels, seminars, conferences on global issues for public awareness and public benefit.

Q: What is the mission of Center for Social Affairs at PII?

A: Center for Social Affairs addresses social, economic and cultural issues of the local areas and cities to bring innovative solutions in action. Most pressing social problems of the society like homelessness, poverty, child abuse can be solved by bringing the professions to debate and talk on this issues, by formulating the solutions and by taking action with NGO’s and Public officials. Friendship and appreciation dinners are among the social affairs activities.

Q: What is the mission of Center for Interfaith Affairs at PII?

A: The Center for Interfaith affairs provides a common ground of dialogue for every faith and non-faith tradition to discuss, explore and understand each other, and offer suggestions for the common problems of humanity. Discussion series, panels, trips, conferences, dinners, book and active community services are continuously organized by the Center for Interfaith Affairs. We believe knowing is the first step to harmony and love.

Q: What is the mission of Center for Education at PII?

A: Educational problems at today`s societies are among the prominent challenges of the 21st century which adversely affect the life of every single individual .The reasons behind those problems range from lack of dedicated professionals to high college tuitions. As a consequence, education-related problems not only undermine the society but also cause to growth of new generations who do not have any ideal for their lives.

Q: Where does PII get its funding?

A: As a nonprofit organization, the Institute’s funding comes from the generous donations from individual donors, corporates and foundations.  Specific projects also receive corporate sponsorship or grants from other various foundations and funding organizations. Certain programs are successful due to the number of volunteers – they spend their time and resources to make it success. We do not receive state or federal funding.

Q: How is the PII involved with the Gulen or Hizmet Movement?

A: Some of the founders and donors of the Institute are inspired by the values of Hizmet Movement (Turkish for ‘service’) also called Gulen Movement.

Mr. Gulen is the honorary president of PII.