for Education 

Educational problems at today`s societies are among the prominent challenges of the 21st century which adversely affect the life of every single individual .The reasons behind those problems range from lack of dedicated teachers to parents who are not interested in involving their children`s education. As a consequence, education-related problems not only undermine the society but also cause to growth of new generations who do not have any ideal for their lives.

7th Annual...

On March 26, 2015, Peace Islands Institute (PII) held its 7th annual Academic Forum at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. The Academic Forum was formerly known as the Academic Dinner in years past. Last year, the event transitioned to include audience participation in the generation of thought and ideas around the topic of the event. […]


Freedom of (or...

MADISON, NJ—Peace Islands Institute (PII), in association with Drew University’s Center on Religion, Culture and Conflict, on Feb. 25, hosted a scholarly forum to address the topic “Freedom of (or from) Religion.” The gathering was part of PII’s ongoing “Abraham’s Table” luncheon series, which addresses a range of topics of interfaith dialogue and local/international peace […]